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What Are the Duties of a Shop Manager?

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Shop managers are responsible for the day-to-day operations of a store and maintaining the store's overall quality. It is the duty of a shop manager to coordinate the other staff members so that they work together to achieve company targets. Shop managers are responsible for hiring, training and disciplining staff members, and it is their duty to record and manage all money coming into the store.

Hiring and Training

The main duty of a shop manager is to hire new staff members. She may place an advertisement in the store's window, in a newspaper or online. It is her responsibility to read through applications and decide whom to interview. During the interview process, she must decide which candidates would fit best with the shop's environment. The shop manager is responsible for training all new hires in the company's procedures and policies.

Managing Staff

A shop manager is responsible for organizing the staff. This means he must inform all workers of their hours and duties within the shop. If staff members have performed exceptionally well, the manager may recommend them to the owner for promotion or bonus. By contrast, if staff members fail to perform their duties, the shop manager must reprimand them following the disciplinary procedures of the company.

Tracking Money

Shop managers account for all monetary transactions conducted in the store. They must record the amount and source of all money collected for the day, and establish proper money-handling procedures for the staff to follow. The shop manager keeps track of the store's spending, including staffing hours, and often distributes paychecks to employees.

Controlling Inventory

Inventory control is another duty of the shop manager. If an item is not selling, it is the manager's responsibility to either return it to headquarters, put it on sale or display it more prominently in the store. The manager should maintain a record of merchandise in the store and order new supplies before stock runs out.

Implementing Policy

A shop manager implements company policy established by senior management. This means informing staff members of decisions and changes and listening to their concerns. The manager represents them by speaking to senior management about any problems or concerns staff may have regarding policy changes.


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