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Job Duties of a Domino's Pizza Manager

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Domino's pizza managers must be experts at multi-tasking. There are many duties associated with this job, and the manager should be comfortable with taking on many roles at the same time. Experience in many areas is necessary for success in this job.

Hiring and Firing

A Domino's manager is in charge of interviewing and hiring all employees in his particular store. He will also be the person firing any team members, if need be.

Scheduling and Labor

The manager creates a weekly schedule for the store. She has to take into account every team member's availability, as well as keeping the schedule within the store's given labor percentages.


The manager trains every team member in his store. All team members must be familiar with the accepted ways of making the products and using the equipment, and the manager has to make sure that they are properly prepared for their tasks. He is also charged with training supervisors to run shifts.


No station in the store can be beyond the manager's ability. She must be able to make dough, make pizzas, run the oven, cut and box products, and be in charge of total quality control for all food that is served.


Food safety is very important, and all team members must be taught all safe food preparation methods. The manager must also teach equipment safety for all machinery.


A manager must keep tight controls on all financial aspects of the store. She is in charge of labor control, product cost controls and waste control. Damage, theft and shortages are also her responsibility.


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