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Food & Beverage Manager Duties & Responsibilities

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A restaurant food and beverage manager has to be a master at multitasking. She is in charge of all aspects of day-to-day operations of the food aspect of the restaurant. She must have extensive training in food safety, health codes and local and state restaurant laws. The attractiveness and safety of all food in the restaurant rests on her shoulders.

Food Preparation

The food manager must make sure that all methods and recipes are followed for every dish served in the restaurant. Prep work must be done according to plan, and cooking has to be monitored for flavor and consistency. The cooks do the work, but the food manager has to make sure that it is done correctly.


Constant cleaning is imperative in the restaurant business, and the food manager is in charge of making sure that this gets done. He will create a cleaning schedule, including every part of the restaurant, and will make sure that it is followed daily. He ensures the cleanliness of all equipment, tools and physical-building surfaces.


There are many laws and regulations pertaining to food and beverage service, and the manager must be aware of all of them that affect her restaurant. If cocktails are served, alcohol and drink laws will affect the bar portion of the restaurant. Health and safety laws and regulations are in place in every state, and the food manager must make sure that they are being followed by every employee.


The food and beverage manager is in charge of training all staff in food preparation, food safety, cleanliness, proper cleaning procedures, bar skills and every other aspect of food service. He will make every employee aware of the pertinent food safety laws, regulations and procedures, and ensure that they are following them every day.

Continuing Education

Food and beverage managers must be licensed, and licenses must be renewed periodically. The length of time before a license expires depends on the state in which she works. Every state has provisions for licensing of managers, and continuing education in food safety is an important part of a manager's ongoing career and responsibility.


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