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How to Be a Good Subway Employee

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Subway restaurants have gained notoriety for providing healthy, low-calorie alternatives to other fast-food meal options. The company was founded in 1965 and, under its franchise structure, has grown to include more than 30,000 locations in 90 countries. Working at a Subway involves daily interaction with the general public, and on-the-job training programs will dictate what is expected of each employee.

Pay attention during initial training sessions. These will teach you the expected way to interact with customers and also the required amount of both meat and vegetable items that are allocated for each specialty sandwich.

Greet customers with a positive disposition and a sense of urgency in completing their meal order. If the customer has a complaint, maintain a calm demeanor and call on a manager for guidance.

Monitor the food work station constantly. Catch any malfunctions in equipment early and to make sure food trays are always fully stocked.

Clean the counter workstation frequently to avoid cross contamination of meat items. Wash your hands frequently and always wear gloves when preparing meals.

Arrive to work on time for every shift and agree to work overtime hours often. This will prove your level of responsibility and commitment to the franchise.

Present a professional appearance every day, which includes being well-groomed and keeping any uniforms or work clothes clean of stains.


Deli meats can go bad if kept at less-than-optimal temperatures for extended periods of time. If possible, show your commitment to your customers and your job by calculating frequent temperature readings in the trays that hold Subway meats.