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CVS Shift Supervisor Job Duties

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CVS is a national chain of pharmacies and retail stores that specialize in home goods, beauty supply and food products, developing photos and filling prescriptions. The chain has over 7,000 stores in 43 states nationwide, and annual sales average approximately 80 billion dollars each year. If you're in need of a job and are good with time management and organizational skills, consider applying as a shift supervisor with CVS.

Management Duties

A CVS shift supervisor is responsible for managing employee shifts and creating a work schedule each week. In addition, the shift supervisor must supervise on-duty employees and establish priorities within the store, such as assigning employees to work registers, stock shelves or clean the aisles. Shift supervisors are also responsible for assigning and leading store activities and specialized events, such as blood donations or community drives. These professionals also oversee daily sales reports, develop sales forecasts and train and evaluate hourly employees. They handle shrinkage and loss prevention by monitoring loss prevention programs, identifying and managing shoplifters and ensuring all prices are accurate and up-to-date.

Customer Duties

These trained professionals are also responsible for working with and assisting customers on a day-to-day basis. They generally handle customer service and relations issues, such as complaints or problematic returns, and assist customers in finding and purchasing products. Shift supervisors also work to promote a positive shopping experience for all customers by ensuring the store is clean, employees are friendly and agreeable and aisles are properly stocked. Due to their high visibility within the stores, shift supervisors must remain polite and professional at all times while on duty.

Retail Duties

CVS shift supervisors also order and reorder merchandise, manage product inventories, and oversee daily sales reports and procedures. In addition, these professionals generally oversee or manage all cash and security functions, including store safes, store keys and registers. Shift supervisors are also responsible for opening and closing the store. In general, shift supervisors must also create, manage or oversee merchandising opportunities and community involvement activities.


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