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How to Work at the Disney Store

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The Disney Store, established in 1987, offers consumers a premium assortment of Disney merchandise, including toys, clothing, accessories and exclusive memorabilia. In 2010, Disney performed a massive redesign of its stores to mimic its theme parks -- complete with elaborate props, character murals and enormous interactive screens and displays. Employees at Disney Stores are referred to as "cast members," and each wears a name badge displaying his favorite Disney character. Disney strives for a fun-filled, family atmosphere in all its stores and encourages workers to support the Disney Store mission statement to "Create Magical Moments for Guests of All Ages."

Basic Qualifications

You must be at least 18 years old and have a high school diploma or equivalent to work at a Disney Store. All Disney Store employees must meet and comply with the Disney Store grooming guidelines. According to the Disney Careers website, "The Disney Look is a classic look that is clean, natural, polished and professional, and avoids "cutting edge" trends or extreme styles." Prohibited items include visible tattoos, earlobe enhancements, intentional physical disfigurements and piercings -- other than traditional ear piercings for women. Hair for both genders should be well-maintained, groomed daily, in a natural color and style and fingernails should be short and trimmed.

Main Store Positions

The main store positions include sales associates, assistant mangers and store managers. All job position ads list "basic" and "preferred" qualifications for applicants. The only "preferred" qualification for sales associates is "previous experience in specialty retail or service industry" while manager positions have a more extensive "preferred" qualification list. These include a college degree, two to five years experience in specialty retail in a leadership role, the ability to fluently speak a second language, as well as being comfortable conducting story hours in front of large groups.

What Disney Looks for in its Employees

Disney is a family friendly brand and employees must be able to work around and interact with children of all ages. The retailer looks for employees who exude creativity, energy and enthusiasm for the brand. Disney strives for all consumers to experience the magic of the brand each and every time they enter a Disney Store. Disney expects workers to be knowledgeable regarding Disney parks, films and characters to adequately be able to answer consumer questions and assist with purchase decisions.

The Application Process

Interviews are typically conducted by the store manager and can be conducted either one-on-one or in a group. Be prepared to answer questions related to which Disney character is your favorite and why and how you would handle specific customer questions and dilemmas. All store manager and assistant store manager positions are full-time, while sales associates and seasonal workers typically have part-time hours. Disney does hire a larger number of workers during the busy holiday season but does not guarantee ongoing employment.


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