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KFC Shift Supervisor Duties

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KFC is a world-famous place to eat, and it's also been a place of work for thousands of people. KFC boasts that their Shift Supervisor position is "a fun, flexible job." If a job as a Shift Supervisor sounds like it's in the cards for you, whether it's one of your first jobs, something you want to do on the side or one to keep you going after retirement, it's important to have an idea what your daily duties will be.

Managerial Development

The KFC Shift Supervisor position is meant to be a kind of training ground for prospective assistant unit managers and, later, restaurant general managers (RGM), so there is a large focus on developing managerial skills. Shift Supervisors help train new team members and motivate them through routine interactions, as well as planned recognition efforts. In addition to instruction from the Assistant Unit Manager and RGM, Shift Supervisors may also receive directions from the Area Coach.

Customer Service

Shift Supervisors also assist team members in working with customers as they come into the restaurant. Like fellow team members, Shift Supervisors take customer orders and handle sales and purchases. If there is a customer issue or inquiry, the Shift Supervisor is the next point of contact for the customer if it has escalated from another team member. The Shift Supervisor then works to resolve the issue.

Store Maintenance

Not only do Shift Supervisors maintain the quality of the food and products, but work to ensure team members meet the safety and cleanliness standards of both OSHA and KFC. These include standards for the parking lot, the exterior building and the removal of trash. The Shift Supervisor also checks the quality of the restaurant's equipment and makes sure inventory levels are being maintained.


The Shift Supervisor assists Assistant Unit Managers and RGMs in preparing deposits and putting together shift schedules for team members. In addition to this, Shift Supervisors also draft product projections and financials to be reviewed by the RGM.

Requirements and Benefits

KFC requires applicants for Shift Supervisors in the US to be at least 21 years old and be able to legally work in the country. KFC also prefers a year of management experience. Once hired, Shift Supervisors have available benefits including 401k, free meals, medical and dental insurance and tuition reimbursement. According to a report by careers website Indeed, the national average salary for KFC Shift Supervisors in 2010 was $34,000.

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