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Responsibilities of Assistant Food & Beverage Manager

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An assistant food and beverage manager works with the food and beverage manager in a restaurant or hotel dining room. The person is responsible for carrying out various duties to ensure that customers receive excellent service by providing the best food and drinks. The assistant is responsible for maintaining profits from food and drink sales, having excellent communication and customer service skills, maintaining a clean environment and making effective decisions when needed.

Maintain Operations

In the absence of the food and beverage manager, the assistant oversees the entire operations in a restaurant or a hotel dining area. This includes knowing the different functions associated with food and beverages, supervising staff and planning various functions inside the restaurant.

Conduct Meetings

Assistant food and beverage managers conduct important meetings with clients to determine the best arrangements for a meeting, conference or banquet. Duties for planning a function include deciding on the best seating, food quantity and drink menus.

Food Service Operations

An assistant food and beverage manager must assist in food service operations, including staffing, scheduling and coordinating services for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If the assistant is working in a hotel, the individual will have to work with room services to organize an effective schedule and staffing detail to help the daily routine run smoothly.

Kitchen Duty

To ensure the food prepared in the dining room’s kitchen is cooked thoroughly and meets customers’ satisfaction, the assistant food and beverage manager works closely with the kitchen staff to ensure that the food quality, quantity, presentation and service is up to standards and will keep customers interested in returning.

Problem Solver

To provide the best customer service, the assistant food and beverage manager must make decisions that will create a positive environment for the staff to perform efficiently and for customers to have a great time in a wonderful dining setting. This includes keeping a positive outlook on decisions suggested by staff and management, opening communication lines for staff and being able to resolve conflicts between staff members.


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