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Duties of a Gas Station Assistant Manager

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The position of the assistant gas station manager is an important role to facilitate daily operations of any gas station. There is a lot that goes into managing a gas station and keeping a high quality business. Daily functions would include fuel ordering, managing the store and counter, and maintaining the cleanliness of the facility.

Providing Support to Manager

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A gas station assistant manager should be responsible for helping facilitate the functions of the manager. Tasks include enforcement of procedures, staff communication and customer service and relations. The assistant manager should also set goals with the manager to determine and prioritize goals and specific tasks of the business.

Food Service Management

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The assistant manager should oversee food service management, including ordering supplies, monitoring food safety and health issues, maintaining proper temperature of both hot and cold food and/or drinks, and keeping track of inventory of all products.

Fuel and Product Orders

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The assistant manager should assist in fuel orders, which includes determining pricing as well as recording and facilitating delivery. The assistant manager also should be in charge of placing orders for new food and drink shipments when needed. He should also assist with price management and closely monitor monthly margins.

Cash Management

The assistant manager may also assist with daily cash balances, depositing money and checks, and maintaining the books, including employee hours. He also should transmit invoices for payment and keep track of all expenses on a daily basis.


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