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Retail Gas Station Manager Job Description

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Retail gas station managers are responsible for daily operations at gas stations and fuel-selling convenience stores. They ensure that sufficient amounts of fuel are available, stores are well-stocked, fueling equipment is functional, staff is available to meet customer needs, and payments for fuel and merchandise are processed and recorded properly. Managers supervise employees to ensure company policies are upheld, examine timesheets for accuracy, train new employees, distribute paychecks, make financial bank deposits and report financial transactions.


Gas station managers are responsible for maintaining fuel and merchandise inventories. They must submit fuel orders in a timely fashion so fuel arrives before reserves run low. They keep track of car care supplies, such as oil, lubricants, filters and gas treatments; and order food, cigarette and alcohol products when supplies run low. Part of the job description might include years of experience maintaining inventory, negotiating with vendors and organizing retail stores. The ability to create visually appealing displays, effectively advertise merchandise and maintain store cleanliness are also important.


Fuel and merchandise prices change frequently, so gas station managers must keep up on daily reports from owners to ensure prices reflect current economic trends. Because the retail industry is so competitive, a few cents can make a difference whether customers visit your store or another down the street. Fuel prices are especially volatile, so gas station owners might ask managers to change fuel prices several times during a single week. The job description will likely include management traits, such as attention to detail, fiscal responsibility, flexibility and time management skills.

Financial Transactions

Most station managers report fuel transactions and merchandise purchases using computerized cash registers and electronic logs; however, some still use paper-reporting methods. They must process and record credit card transactions, debit card transactions and cash purchases to help with auditing and balance sheet reports. Gas station owners need a viable means for assessing expenditures, income and resulting profits or losses. Station managers also count and balance cash drawers and make deposits at financial institutions. Depending on the company, the job description might also require station managers to have experience with accounting software.

Customer Service

Even though managers aren't the only gas station personnel who interact with customers, they often handle disgruntled customers, equipment malfunctions, pricing complaints and specific customer service requests. The job description will likely list expected interpersonal skills, such as friendliness, attentiveness, conflict resolution skills and communication strengths. Gas station managers must provide excellent customer service so patrons return for repeat business and promote the station to their friends and family. Managers often address customer relations issues that gas station attendants aren't equipped or experienced to handle.

Human Resources

Part of the job description includes human resource responsibilities, such as hiring, training and scheduling employees. Managers must ensure that workers are available to provide service during all hours of operation, so they create shifts and schedule personnel to work part- and full-time hours. They must maintain an effective labor force that meets seasonal demands, sometimes hiring just for the summer or holidays. Managers often interview job applicants, follow up on references and ensure all employment documents are completed.


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