Job Description for an Overnight Stocker at Walmart

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Overnight stockers for discount retailer Walmart are responsible for putting merchandise on the shelves during hours when stores are either closed or don't have much customer traffic. According to the Glassdoor job website, the average pay for an overnight stocker at Walmart is $10 an hour as of December 2014. Wages typically range between $7 and $17 an hour, though entry level workers make closer to the minimum wage.


Walmart overnight stockers set up merchandise, clean displays, remove damaged items and organize displays. They are also responsible for adjusting prices as necessary, and completing logs and other documentation so that stores know when more products are needed. Company policies also require Walmart overnight stockers to identify safety hazards and report apparent theft. Full-time and part-time positions are available for this job.

Skills and Requirements

A successful applicant should be able to pick up boxes and other heavy objects that weigh more than 50 pounds. Organization and time management skills are important. A stocker is expected to follow company procedures and learn through verbal and visual orientation of job duties. Some stockers might be required to operate a forklift.