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What Is the Job Description for Cashier?

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Cashiers perform a much-needed function. You can find cashiers/tellers in banks, at retail outlets, department stores, grocery stores and many other businesses. Cashiers must pay attention to their job duties, otherwise business operations can suffer. Cashiers have to be efficient and effective when they perform their responsibilities.

Cash Drawer

Cashiers have to take payments and give change to customers. They have to make sure they give the correct change, otherwise their cash drawers will not balance.

Debit/Credit Transactions

Customers will sometimes pay with debit/credit cards, and cashiers must know how to process these types of transactions.

Scan Products

Cashiers in a grocery store check out customer orders by scanning the bar codes on products in the check-out line.

Sell Products

Cashiers also sell cashier checks, money orders, stamps, lottery tickets, change the cash register tape, bag groceries, mention other products and services, balance a cash drawer and transfer money to a vault.

Customer Service

Cashiers also handle customer service inquiries. Sometimes they refer customers to management for additional handling.

Handling Cash

Cashiers also prepare money bags for truck drivers, count coins in the coin machine and balance the bank vault. Sometimes cashiers have to cash checks, take deposits and process withdrawal requests. Cashiers also have to verify if money is counterfeit or legitimate.


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