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Franchise Manager Job Description

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Franchise managers organize and plan the franchising department of an organization. The manager ensures that franchisees receive the corporation’s message regarding business strategy, promotions and products. A franchise manager offers support to franchisees, which ensures the overall success of the organization.

Job Duties

A franchise manager oversees new franchisees and provides training and information on the business policies and procedures. He is responsible for finding and developing new franchisees for the business.


Managers should have a bachelor’s degree in business management or marketing for the position of a franchise manager. Employers may require experience in a management, marketing or leadership position for the franchise manager role. An employer may also require experience in the specific business for a management position.


A franchise manager should have good verbal and written communication skills to convey the business strategy to new franchisees. She should have strong leadership skills to manage franchise owners. The manager should be skilled in the particular policies and procedures of the franchise field, such as food preparation skills for a restaurant franchise.


The median salary for a franchise manager is $96,216 as of November 2009, according to The salary of the franchise manager depends on the type of business and its geographic location.