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Safety Manager Qualifications

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Safety managers ensure the safety of all employees in an organization. The manager implements workplace safety policies to prevent injury and lost-time accidents on the job. Training workshops provide employees with information on ergonomics, hazardous waste management and methods to work safely. The median salary for a health and safety manager is $115,111 as of November 2009, according to


Employers require a minimum of a bachelor's degree for a safety manager. Most employers prefer a candidate with a degree in engineering, environmental safety or a related field. Courses include ergonomics, industrial hygiene and safety technology. Candidates for a safety manager position should have some education in hazardous materials management. Safety managers should also have education in business management to learn the skills to direct the activities of others in the organization.

Work Experience

Safety manager positions require some experience in a safety role in an organizational setting. Work on safety committees or as a safety adviser in an organization provides the real-world experience to perform the duties of a manager. Safety managers direct the activities of others in the organization, which requires management or supervisory experience. The safety manager should have experience in the particular industry, such as construction or manufacturing.


The skills required of a safety manager include the ability to direct the work of others in an organizational setting. Leadership and communication skills are necessary for a management position. Managers must know hiring practices, training methods and performance appraisal methods. A safety manager must evaluate a work environment and identify potential hazards. The manager should have the ability to implement new work processes to eliminate or reduce hazards. The safety manager develops programs, training plans and workshops that promote occupational safety. Safety managers investigate accidents on the job and determine the cause. The manager should have the knowledge and skill to make determinations from investigative reports of workplace accidents and suggest alternative methods to prevent injury in the future.


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