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Job Description of a Quality Control Manager

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The quality control manager directs activities of the quality control team, ensuring that a team of personnel work accurately and effectively to produce quality products or services. This manager is a leader and must act with professionalism, encouraging employees to follow methods and procedures of quality control and keep the production of products flowing at a consistent pace.


The quality control manager has the duty of selecting and assigning quality control duties to the staff, and then must evaluate the performance of these employees in their assigned roles. After pinpointing staff development needs, the manager arranges training as related to improving quality control measures and ensures that labor relations requirements are met. Duties of the quality control manager include maintaining records and reports and issuing correspondence, reviewing errors and their causes and giving advice to correct such errors. In some instances, the manager is a liaison between staff and upper management to negotiate problems arising with staff.


According to the Michigan Department of Civil Service, the typical quality control manager holds a four-year bachelor’s degree in a field related to the chosen industry. For example, a quality control manager for the Michigan Department of Civil Service possesses a degree in social welfare or social work. In other industries, an engineering degree or coursework related to construction may be applicable.

Areas of Knowledge

The quality control manager is knowledgeable in the company’s policies and procedures as well as regulations related to quality control. In this field of work, the manager is familiar with effective supervisory techniques and procedures and understands how to adhere to personnel policy.


This professional possesses the skill of instructor, director and evaluator. An effective quality control manager is capable of interpreting laws and regulations, implementing precise policies and performing investigative duties when needed. This manager possesses good analytical skills and has the ability to communicate well with others in person or through the written word.

Salary reports that as of November 2009, the average annual salary for the typical quality control manager is $87,964, with a salary range of $76,621 to $100,444. Managers earning on the lower end of pay scale are in the 25th percentile, whereas quality control managers earning at the higher end of pay scale are in the 75th percentile. Salary varies by size of operation, industry and employee credentials.


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