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Job Description of a Fitness Sales Manager

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A sales fitness sales manager oversees the sales activities of a fitness organization. This includes membership sales, promotional activities and general administration with the aim of driving the business forward. The fitness sales manager reports to the fitness general manager or management board.


A fitness sales manager requires a bachelorâ??s degree. This can be a Bachelor of Science degree in sports science, physical education or exercise. A bachelorâ??s degree in business management or sales and marketing, Bachelor of Arts or Master of Business Administration are also acceptable. A fitness sales manager should also have some level of management experience. Courses like aerobics, weight training and physiology are an added advantage.

Responsibilities and Duties

The responsibilities of a fitness sales manager includes meeting with prospective clients, providing them with the necessary information about the organization while maintaining high standards of professionalism. He works to maintain the existing clients. He manages the organizationâ??s budget. He works together with other organization employees. He supervises the sales team and oversees its work. He prepares various packages to meet the needs of a diverse clientele.

Desirable Qualities

A fitness sales manager has good knowledge of the gym and fitness industry. She has excellent interpersonal skills and presentation skills and is dynamic. She must be self-confident and able to comfortably interact with high-end clients as well as clients from dynamic backgrounds, according to NJobster. She has a strong business background and has good communicating skills.

Job Outlook

The most popular industries for fitness sales managers include fitness clubs, the hotel and hospitality industry, and health care, according to Growth is expected in the fitness industry because of increased emphasis on health and fitness. This means increased job opportunities for fitness sales managers.


The salary for a fitness sales manager ranged from $32,810 to $55,836 per year as of June 2010, according to Bonuses ranged from $1,311 to $10,344 per year. Profit-sharing ranged from $1,024 to $10,084 annually. Commission earned ranged from $3,402 to $ 12,922 per year. With the added benefits, the total average salary of a fitness manager was $34,414 to $ 61,423 annually, according to Pay varies according to specialization in education, with those who have a sports science degree and and a Master's of Business Administration earning the most.


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