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Sales Manager Responsibilities

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The sales manager has an important job: to promote a good work environment where other employees below him will be provided with the greatest opportunity to prosper. Sales managers should have some past experience in sales management and should also have proven leadership and the ability to drive a sales team. Sales managers have many responsibilities and, according to, make an average salary of about $50,000 a year.

Staffs and Supports Sales Team

Sales managers are responsible for staffing the sales team and directing them in all aspects of the company. They provide leadership for the sales team, as they work together to achieve maximum profit and growth for their sales company.

A large part of sales managers' daily responsibilities includes directing the distribution of products or services to customers. To do this, they are responsible for assigning sales territories to the sales representatives and executives, set sales goals to be met and establish training programs to keep sales representatives educated and experienced in their job positions.

Sales managers support sales representatives by advising them on their sales performance and how they can improve their performance.

Develops Sales Activities and Coordinates Research

A large responsibility of sales managers is to develop sales activities and make sure they are performed the way they are supposed to and according to company standards.

Sales managers are also responsible for coordinating market research for their company, as well as coordinating marketing strategies, development of advertising, promotion, sales, pricing, and product, and developing and marketing public relations activities.

Develops Business Plans, Conducts Reviews and Maintains Records

Developing business plans and sales strategies are two other sales manager responsibilities. Sales managers must develop these plans and strategies so that they work towards the sales goals of the company.

Sales managers conduct one-on-one reviews with sales executives regularly to keep communication lines open and build even more effective communication. Conducting these regular reviews also helps sales managers understand the training and development needs of the other sales employees and make changes where need be.

Sales managers maintain records of sales, budgets, pricing and activity reports accurately and keeps these records updated as much as possible. They also make sure that all expenses meet budget guidelines according to company policy.


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