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Job Description of Sales Marketers

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Sales marketers are also commonly referred to as sales agents and sales managers. They typically work in a company’s sales department and are responsible for distributing a company’s goods and services to consumers. To meet this objective, sales marketers determine market demand, identify potential market segments, establish pricing strategies and set sales targets. They direct sales activities, analyze buying trends and track consumer preferences. The objective of sales marketers is to improve their employer’s product sales and increase market share and brand preference.

Work Life

The daily work life of sales marketers involves managing and directing a sales team, identifying sales prospects, establishing sales strategies to generate sales and expand market share, monitoring the sales pipeline, establishing sales targets, managing accounts and coordinating efforts with other departments, such as marketing. One of their most important duties is inspiring and motivating the sales teams to achieve sales quotas and targets. The sales team executes the sales marketer's strategies and action plans to achieve growth in both revenue and market share.

Professional Skills and Traits

Sales marketers must possess excellent communication, collaboration, team building and leadership skills. Personal attributes of patience, tact and graciousness are particularly useful when dealing with irate customers or capricious associates. Most importantly, sales marketers need strong leadership skills to motivate and coordinate the work of the sales team. Sales marketers lead by example and must possess business savvy and skills in customer service and public relations to cultivate the same qualities among their team.


There are no universal education requirements for sales marketer jobs. Some employers prefer individuals with a university degree in liberal arts, social sciences, business or management. Many sales marketers, however, are hired without college experience; these individuals usually have prior work experience in retail sales or as a customer service representative. Individuals interested in pursuing a sales career should have at least a high school diploma and working knowledge of the basic practices for accounting, communications, marketing, business management and sales.

Career Journey

Sales marketers who demonstrate strong leadership and collaboration skills, motivation and decisiveness are likely candidates for promotion to executive account manager or director of sales. Individuals with a college degree can usually accelerate promotion to senior roles. Some marketers move to occupations in advertising, marketing, promotions and public relations while others achieve success as purchasing agents and buyers. Some sales marketers who have worked in the industry for a long time, start their own sales agency.


PayScale indicates sales managers in the United States average a base salary range of $55,598 to $94,189, with a bonus potential range of $5,030 to $20,869. Sales managers employed by companies offering profit sharing programs can expect additional earnings ranging from $2,051 to $9,823. Earnings from commission can range from $14,642 to $52,122. The estimated total compensation for sales marketers in the United States, inclusive of salary, bonus, profit sharing and commission, ranges from $68,692 to $124,365, as of June 2010.


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