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The Duties and Responsibilities of a Sales Supervisor

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Working under the direction of sales managers, sales supervisors manage the retail sales staff and coordinate several sales activities, including pricing and the display of products, with a view to realizing the set sales targets. To become a sales supervisor, you need to earn at least an associate degree in sales and marketing or business administration and possess retail sales experience.

Managing Sales Staff

It is the responsibility of the sales supervisor to guide and motivate the sales team, which may include sales representatives, sales agents and cashiers. He works with the sales manager to draw job descriptions for various roles within the sales team, participates in the recruitment of these positions and allocates tasks accordingly. When the sales team is not meeting their sales targets, the sales supervisor implements appropriate strategies to improve sales. For example, he might coordinate the training of the sales employees to boost their competence.

Coordinating Sales Activities

Another duty of sales supervisors is to oversee several sales activities aimed at increasing sales. For example, supervisors working at a supermarket or a self-service store oversee the assortment and display of products. They use their knowledge of consumer preferences to determine what products to shelf at various points in the store. If soft drinks are a consumer favorite, they ensure that the products are shelved at the front of the store, where they can be accessed easily. Sales supervisors also ensure that there is sufficient stock of various products and that the products are priced correctly.

Compiling Sales Reports

Sales managers and business owners use sales reports to evaluate the performance of various products and make sound business decisions. Sales supervisors are responsible for producing these reports. They use their report writing skills to compile data using a variety of parameters, ranging from product sales in various markets to performance of individual sales representatives and customer complaints. If necessary, these supervisors may hold presentations to inform managers about the details of their reports.

Resolving Customer Complaints

Quick resolution of customer complaints is key to enhancing customer loyalty. As such, sales supervisors have a duty to address customer complaints related to product or service sales. For example, when a customer purchases products at an online store and ends up receiving the wrong package, the store's sales supervisor settles the matter as soon as he receives the complaint. Apart from ensuring the right package is dispatched to the customer, he may issue an apology and highlight the measures the business is taking to avoid the occurrence of a similar incident.


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