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Average Salary of a High School Coach

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A high school coach is responsible for instructing students in fundamental skills associated with sports. A high school coach organizes sporting events, appoints players to team positions and creates fitness plans for athletes. Some high school coaches are also certified teachers and instruct academic courses at their high school. A high school coach's salary is influenced by his educational achievements, geographical location and experience.

Educational Achievements

The average salary of a high school coach is dependent upon his educational achievments and advanced degrees. According to PayScale, a high school coach with a bachelor of science degree has a salary range between $27,600 and $55,000. A high school coach with an advanced degree in kinesiology earns between $39,000 and $100,000 on an annual basis.

Geographic Location

Salaries for high school coaches are partially determined by geographic location. Economic factors within these geographic locations also affect salary ranges. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a coach in Idaho has an annual mean wage of $22,440. A coach who works for a school in the Washington, D.C., area has an annual mean wage of $53,830. Cost of living indexes and supply/demand curves for high school coaches influence annual mean wages.


A salary level for a high school coach is often determined by her previous work experience. According to Womens Sports Jobs, many coaching positions require four years of previouse experience as a coach. This previous work experience helps a coach with budgeting responsibilities, organizational requirements and leadership on the field. An experienced high school coaching salary range is generally between $40,000 and $100,000. A high school's athletic fund is often used to determine a coach's annual salary.


In addition to a salary, many coaches receive benefits that make the coach's salary more appealing. According to PayScale, 71 percent of high school coaches receive medical health benefits as part of their compensation package. An additional 51 percent receive dental benefits, and 33 percent of high school coaches receive vision benefits. These types of medical benefits add value to a high school coach's base salary.


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