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The Average Salary of North Carolina High School Football Coaches

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High school football coaches select, train and mentor players on a high school football team. Coaches select players to play different positions on the team, and strategize plays for each game. In May 2010, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated the salary for high school football coaches in North Carolina.

Average Salary

Like most high school personnel, football coaches often work approximately 10 months per year. Because high school football coaches direct practice sessions after school and most scheduled games are on weekends, coaches often work irregular hours including evenings, weekends and some holidays. The average salary was $38,050 per year for this occupation in North Carolina.


The salary of a high school football coach in North Carolina varies based on factors such as the coach’s experience and the school’s financial budget for sports activities. Salaries ranged from $16,560 to $65,670 per year in North Carolina, which included the 10th through 90th percentiles. The median salary was $29,950 per year. The 25th percentile earned $18,960 per year and the 75th percentile earned $42,190 per year.


Among 18 metropolitan and non-metropolitan areas in North Carolina that reported wages to BLS, the highest average salary was in the Durham area, where coaches earned an average salary of $67,150 per year. In the Charlotte area, the average salary was $35,400 per year. In the Winston-Salem area, the average salary was $46,140 per year, and in the Greenville area, the average salary was $42,440 per year.

National Comparison

The average salary for coaches in elementary, middle and high school was $32,110 per year nationally. Durham, North Carolina was among 10 metropolitan areas that paid the highest average salary in the United States. The average salary in North Carolina was approximately 15.7 percent than the national average salary.


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