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Job Description for a Cheerleading Coach

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Cheerleading coaches help students learn cheer and dance routines to perform during ball games and school pep rallies. They organize practices, teach routines and help athletes learn safe cheering techniques. Cheerleading coaches instruct students on healthy stretching, lifting and jumping techniques. They often consult teachers to ensure students keep up with their grades while participating on the cheer squad.

Hey, Ho! Let's Teach!

Cheerleading coaches must have strong interpersonal skills. Positive communication strategies, organizational skills and safety awareness are key requirements. Coaches must have flexible work schedules to accommodate athletic competitions, ball games and after-school practices.

All for Supervising, Stand Up and Holler!

Coaches must have strong administrative skills. The job requires you to select age-appropriate cheer or dance routines, create performances that involve the entire team, maintain communication with teachers and parents and facilitate travel to away games and off-campus competitions.


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