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Requirements of a High School Coach

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A high school coach instructs students in the fundamental skills and knowledge of a certain sport or activity. A coach must create an environment that's conducive to personal development for team members through observing and evaluating as well as emphasizing teamwork and providing guidance for each student. Along with maintaining a positive image for himself and for his team, a high school coach has other requirements that make him an important part of a school.


Most schools require a bachelor’s degree in education, and you also should have knowledge in the particular sport you want to pursue. Courses in exercise and sports physiology, nutrition and fitness, physical education and sports medicine are important electives when pursuing your college degree. If you're already a teacher, the only requirement would be to have an extensive background in sports, such as having been player in a particular sport.

Student Development

To help improve individual and team development, a coach has to develop sport-specific drill and practice activities that will enhance the team’s performance. This includes exercises, game plans and teaching specific training rules to each player. A high school coach also can be a mentor to her players and peers by promoting academic achievement for players as well as motivating students to do their best in their academic studies and sports performance.


One of the requirements of being a coach is to guarantee the safety of his players and his staff. The coach shall develop a supervision plan that ensures that each individual who enters a locker room, travels out of town or participates in practices is safe and supervised. A coach also should enforce appropriate safety and health procedures.

Maintaining Equipment

To maintain equipment for the team, the coach has to create an equipment inventory list as well as prepare a schedule for checking in, checking out and cleaning or repairing equipment.


Head coaches are responsible for hiring assistant coaches as well as instructing assistants in the techniques necessary to meet the objectives of the sport or activity the coach is instructing. Other duties for overseeing assistant coaches include assigning duties and monitoring their job performance.

Administrative Duties

A coach must assist in scheduling for his sports activities and creating and following a financial budget that conforms to the school district’s guidelines and regulations. A coach also acts as a sponsor for locating and administering post-secondary scholarships for his players and oversees sporting trips and events that are beneficial to the team and the school.


A coach must be an effective communicator with all audiences, including his players and their parents, supervisors, peers and fans. A coach also engages in various forms of public relations, including press coverage, pep rallies and school meetings.


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