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Chief Hotel Steward Job Description

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A chief hotel steward is a professional in the hospitality industry. He coordinates and supervises all activities that are related with food storage. A chief hotel steward, receives, stores, processes and issues food as well as all other supplies that have a relation to the dietary department in a hotel. A chief hotel steward has many responsibilities that may vary depending on the employer.


It is necessary for a chief steward to have at the very least a Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality or Hotel Management, and must have several years work experience within the Hospitality Industry. Work experience with a steward department of a hotel will be an added advantage.

Responsibilities and Duties

A chief steward is responsible for carrying out store room and kitchen inspections to make sure that they are clean and in good order. He also keeps an inventory of the food supplies and ensures that at any given time there are enough supplies to facilitate smooth running of the services. He also supervises all incoming orders and ensures that all purchases which are needed are delivered in the quantities that are required. He approves all bills and invoices that need payment. He is also responsible for coordinating all the work of kitchen and store room staff that are not responsible for the cooking of food. These are the cooks and chefs. He ensures that there is no wastage and theft of foodstuffs as well as the hotel supplies. A chief steward’s responsibility also includes discuss with the manager, catering or the executive chef, when dealing with matters concerning banquet arrangements food service, extra employees and the equipment needed.

Desirable Skills

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A chief hotel steward must have excellent communication skills and have no problem with speaking or writing in English. Leadership skills (management skills) are also necessary along with interpersonal skills. As a leader, a chief hotel steward should be able to solve problems and handle all situations that could arise in the work place. He should also be very well organized and have a comprehensive knowledge of the food service operations of a hotel.

Working Conditions

The chief hotel steward may work under the supervision of another staff member in the kitchen department or he may be part of a senior management team in the hotel. He requires physical stamina as he is expected to stand for long periods of time while supervising and coordinating staff such as the kitchen staff and store room workers and carrying out other duties such as organizing food service. In some instances, a chief hotel steward will be required to lift and carry heavy objects especially when handling foodstuffs, kitchen equipment and supplies.


A chief hotel steward earns a maximum salary of about $31,460 per year according to the Bureau pf Labor and Statistics. This depends on the hotel where he is employed. Different hotels have different rates of pay, but the average hourly rate is $15.12 per month.


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