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Medical Director Job Description

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A medical director is a physician who serves as the clinical leader of a medical facility. He develops and implements policies, procedures and best practices. He oversees all training and continuing education for his staff. Additionally, he assures that facility is in compliance with all federal, state and local laws. A medical director reports directly to the senior management of his facility.

Job Responsibilities

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A medical director recruits and supervises staff. She monitors the training and development of her team, awarding promotions and administering disciplinary actions as needed. She ensures compliance with policies and regulatory requirements, liaising with other department heads to ensure the organization's objectives are met facilitywide. She creates and implements a best practice program, maintaining a consistent level of quality of care offered to patients. She also manages her department's budget.

Job Opportunities

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Although most medical directors work in health care facilities, including hospitals and clinics, interested candidates also may find employment in nontraditional medical facilities, such as with corporations in commercial buildings and at schools and universities. Additionally, nursing homes and resident care facilities for the elderly employ medical directors.

Qualitative Requirements

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A successful medical director must possess excellent interpersonal and management skills, as he is responsible for the entire clinical team. Additionally, organizational and reporting skills are imperative. A medical director also should have exceptional research and writing skills, as he must constantly seek out new procedures to assist his facility in running as efficiently as possible.

Educational Requirements

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A medical director is required to be a medical doctor, with at least 10 years of professional experience within the type of facility she manages. Additionally, she must be board-certified within her area of specialty. She may also choose to become a certified medical director through the American Medical Directors Association, although this is not required.

Average Compensation

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According to, as of August 2009, the average medical director working in the United States earns an annual base salary of $ 211,251.