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Club Secretary Job Description

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In most clubs, the club secretary is elected by the membership. In many cases the secretary is also a member of the board of directors. The secretary functions as the curator of the club's records and is critically important to the success of the club's day-to-day operations. All clubs operate with their own set of rules and by-laws; however, the basic functions of the secretary are similar no matter what club he belongs to.


Recording the minutes of all club meetings is one of the most important functions of the secretary. The secretary also keeps member attendance records. In some clubs, the secretary may also be responsible for minutes and attendance records for board of trustee meetings.


The club secretary needs to be a well-organized and to pay attention to detail. Computer literacy, including the ability to use email and word processing and spreadsheet software, is helpful. Good interpersonal and communication skills are also important.


The secretary be committed to the principles and objectives of the organization. Occasions when the secretary must arbitrate between members require an outgoing and empathetic personality and the ability to see all sides in a disagreement.

Potential Value

Many club secretaries go on to become the club president. Experience as a club secretary looks good on a professional resume, as employers seek those with experience in problem-solving and personal interaction..

Turning Duties Over

As her first task,the club secretary should inventory all club records to ensure that they're complete and accurate. Probably the most important legacy the secretary can leave to the club is well-kept records that facilitate a smooth transition when someone else takes the job.

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