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Duties and Responsibilities of a Church Administrator

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Church administrators manage the business operations of the church. Duties might include office management, communicating with parishioners, managing volunteers, assisting with financial management of the church and organizing events. Specific duties depend on the needs and size of the church.

Office Management

The church administrator runs the day-to-day operations at the church. Duties include maintaining church records and personnel files, ordering and stocking office supplies, keeping computer files backed up and maintaining office equipment. The church administrator also takes on a supervisory and training role in ministries that have office assistants or volunteers. Other tasks include creating and distributing church bulletins and newsletters, updating employee and volunteer handbooks, and coordinating employee and volunteer work and vacation schedules.

Financial Responsibilities

Administrators work closely with the church's treasurer, accountant and other staff to ensure the church properly uses funds and meets financial obligations. The church administrator usually oversees payroll and keeps records of employee benefits, insurance and vacation time. They prepare and implement the church's budget and help prepare financial statements. In addition, they track and record church income from donations and sales, deposit funds into church accounts, pay bills and maintain sufficient cash flow for the church. Administrators also ensure that tax documents are prepared and filed on time.

Manage Church Facilities

Property management duties include overseeing the maintenance and security operations of church facilities and maintaining an inventory of supplies and equipment. Church administrators assist in scheduling meetings and events, renting out church equipment and enforcing church policies for facility use. In addition, they evaluate the church's insurance needs and ensure that policies remain current.

Maintain Relationships

The church administrator is one of the church's leaders and liaisons and should believe in and demonstrate the church's teachings in her life and work. The administrator regularly coordinates with the pastor, church volunteers, committee members, wedding and funeral coordinators and other staff members. She must also maintain communication with parishioners and the local community both in person and through the church's website and social media pages.


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