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How to be a Church Secretary

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The church secretary has one of the most difficult jobs in a church, according to Church Helps, a website dedicated to helping churches. Secretaries can be an asset to the church's ministry or a hindrance. Along with typical secretarial duties, a church secretary must maintain confidentiality about parishioners' issues and remember that she is a representative of the church wherever she goes. While church secretaries are only responsible for the duties entrusted to them by the church pastor, this can mean that they are responsible for everything from making coffee to filing all of the paperwork with the church's governing body.

Receive computer training. Although a college degree is typically not a requirement for most churches, knowledge of office applications is essential to receiving job offers.

Dress conservatively. Maintain decorum not only at work, but during your off hours as well. It can be detrimental to your church if you dress inappropriately.

Volunteer in the church. Assisting in the different ministries of the church can help prepare you for a paid position. Offer to help the current secretary and learn as much as you can about how he performs his work.

Take classes in organization. For a church to run efficiently, office organization is a must. Church secretaries can be responsible for maintaining church membership records, financial reports, website and pastor appointments. The ability to find needed information is essential.

Apply for the position. While churches typically do not require the secretary be a member, membership can increase your chances of gaining employment.


Most churches require applicants undergo full background checks before granting employment. Churches must abide by federal and state employment laws. However, churches can require employees be members of the church's faith.


Do not join a church just for the opportunity of getting the secretarial job. Membership will generally only give established members an advantage.


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