Pastor's Aide Job Description

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A pastor’s aide job description includes a listing of desired characteristics of the person in this role and the specific tasks and duties required of the position.

Mission and Purpose

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A pastor’s aide job description states the mission and purpose of the church and its ministry and clarifies the commitment to Christian service required of the pastor’s aide.


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The pastor’s aide must demonstrate a Christian attitude in leadership and commitment to serve as a role model for the congregation. A pastor’s aide should be humble, cooperative, responsible and have a strong foundation in scripture.

Personal Assistant

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The pastor's aide will assist the pastor with personal responsibilities such as maintaining his robes and overseeing the needs of the pastor’s family. The aide will fulfill all the pastor’s responsibilities in his absence. This includes hospital visits, prayers and as worship leader.


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The aide will help the pastor plan and prepare worship services. She will read scripture and support the pastor in conducting the service.


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Supporting the various ministries of the church by attending and leading meetings, organizing events and being available to fill needs as they arise are also part of the pastor aide's job description.


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In the case of an emergency or any other unexpected events, the pastor’s aide is to be ready to act according to the needs of the church. The pastor’s aide should follow the direction of the pastor and support him in whatever way he can.