Job Description for a Guidance Secretary

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Most middle schools and high schools have a guidance department to provide students with academic counseling and direction. The administrative person who supports the director and counselors in this department is the guidance secretary. Based on data at PayScale, a guidance secretary in the U.S. earned an annual salary between $21,671 and 433,699 as of August 2010.

Job Duties

Maintaining accurate student records is the main job of a guidance secretary. He must keep track of attendance statistics as well as test scores, academic achievements and scholarship information. Scheduling college representative visits and keeping local media current on the school’s academic news is required.

Skill Requirements

Good public relations skills help the secretary develop and nurture friendly relationships with parents, teachers, students and community leaders. She uses time management abilities to effectively schedule meetings and conferences. Computer skills are imperative to create and maintain files and records.

Preferred Background

A high school diploma or equivalent is required. Background in administrative or secretarial support is desirable. Experience working in an academic environment is a plus.