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Curriculum Coordinator Job Description

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A curriculum coordinator, sometimes called a curriculum director or instructional coordinator, serves as a leader and a coordinator in the development and implementation of a school district's instructional program.

Conduct Training

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Curriculum coordinators plan and conduct workshops, conferences and teacher training institutes to introduce new methods and procedures, and to improve the quality of instruction, says occupational information source O*Net.

Serve as Resource

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A curriculum coordinator stays abreast of trends in curriculum development and instructional aids and methods, serving as a resource for teachers.

Order Materials

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He is responsible for researching, evaluating and ordering of new curriculum materials, supplies and equipment.

Coordinate Committees

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She coordinates curriculum committees and advisory boards to relate curriculum materials to specific subject area and student needs, and to maintain continuity of instruction throughout the district.

Interpret Guidelines

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Curriculum coordinators interpret and enforce a school district's adherence to all state and federal education guidelines, regulations and codes.


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The May 2008 mean annual wage estimate for a curriculum coordinator was $59,780, according to the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics.