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Duties of Social Club Officers

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Social club officers play a significant role in providing leadership to members through motivation and coaching. Additionally, each social officer is part of a team of officers who manage the club and guide members to meet club goals. The governing body of officers typically consists of a club president, vice president, secretary and treasurer. Although each club may have its own procedural handbook that outlines effective club leadership, the core duties that pertain to each officer’s delegated position remain the same.

The Governing Body

As a club officer, you're responsible for specific duties that relate to your position. However, beyond the day-to-day management of a social club, club officers must also work together as a team to encourage camaraderie, establish, and enforce rules and regulations and resolve conflicts that arise between members. In addition, you must work together to plan club events and delegate responsibilities to volunteers. Social club officers who belong to worldwide clubs must also prepare and file paperwork for club headquarters.

Presidential Officers’ Duties

The club president is responsible for the overall operation of the social club. She directs all club meetings, delegates duties to all other officers, and oversees the election for vice president, secretary and treasurer. The president may report to a hierarchy such as an advisory council, executive board, world headquarters, or the student office, depending on which social club she belongs to, and keep up-to-date files. Beneath the president is the vice president, who acts on behalf of the presidential officer in the same capacity if she cannot perform her duties. Furthermore, some social clubs have additional vice presidents who replace the secretary and treasurer, or who oversee areas such as club standards, membership, education, public relations, programming and operations.

Secretary and Treasurer’s Duties

The secretary manages correspondence and maintains all club records, including: club meeting minutes, attendance, elections, member addresses, telephone numbers and club accounts. Although, some clubs combine the secretary role with the treasurer, a dedicated secretary collects club dues, turns them over to the club treasurer, and occasionally assists the vice president as well. The treasurer manages the club's bank account by depositing all money into a dedicated account and by paying authorized bills. He maintains receipts and disbursements, and prepares financial reports such as filing tax documents and keeping up-to-date financial records.

Newly Elected Officers

If you're a newly elected club officer, you may have many questions relating to your role; reading the club handbook is a good place to begin. Furthermore, the club handbook will act as a guide throughout your term. An initial meeting with fellow officers will shed light on current projects or problems that may require your immediate attention. Additionally, an informal meeting allows club officers to plan and look ahead. As a newly appointed officer, attend any training seminars offered by the club, and make sure to receive paperwork or files that are important for your position.


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