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What Are the Duties of a PTA President?

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The Parent Teacher Association president serves as the managing executive of the PTA unit of his school site. PTA officer duties are defined by PTA unit bylaws and the president must comply with the bylaws of the PTA. The PTA president trains, counsels and provides information to parents and teachers in the school district, according to PTA bylaws and oversees the activities of board officers and ad hoc committee chairmen.

Duties Before Taking Office

Duties of the PTA president start as soon as the school year starts, which is generally July 1. The president meets with the school principal to get status on current PTA officers, fills vacant officer positions in the site's PTA and makes PTA plans for the coming school year. The president holds brainstorming sessions with a team of officers, making and asking for suggestions. She recruits PTA chairmen and committee members. Delegating assignments to officers is also the responsibility of the president -- for example, he delegates which officer will handle the group's budget and treasury. The president must be familiar with the duties of each chairman. The PTA president requests the procedure book and conducts a detailed review of it before taking office. The president also creates the budget and calendar with the officers.

Appointment Duties

Once officially in office, the PTA president appoints a committee to review or revise bylaws. The president also calls meetings of the board as needed to ratify appointments and bylaws changes. A meeting with the principal determines an orientation meeting for room representatives or grade level representatives. The president sets goals with officers and chairmen to make plans and goals for the year. She designs a master calendar for the year of PTA activities, and orders PTA materials needed for the year. The PTA president must also attend regional PTA council meetings or district meetings.


The PTA president develops toolkits for families and teachers to sign up with the PTA. The president plans membership enrollment activities with the membership chairman. The president must verify that all members receive a membership card. The president schedules a meeting with the budget committee that includes the treasurer, program chairman and fund chairman to set membership fees.


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