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Job Description for a Nightclub Owner

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Nightclub owners may have a challenging time running a club. Not only have they spent a lot of money getting the club opened, paying their staff and marketing, but they must also ensure the club remains compliant with certain laws and local codes. Once a nightclub is open, the owner can expect to receive lucrative profits as long as he keeps customers happy and visiting the club repeatedly.


Nightclub owners are responsible for ensuring the club continues to turn a profit. They must hire staff, which includes bartenders, bar backs, nightclub managers, servers, security and DJs. They must continue to market either through hiring club promoters or utilizing television, Internet or print marketing to maintain and grow clientele. They are responsible for ordering beverages and other supplies for the club. They may make themselves available to ensure that certain laws are not broken--for example, selling alcohol to young adults under the age of 21. They also handle payroll for their staff.


Nightclub owners should be highly organized individuals. They must pay attention to detail and have confidence and strong communication skills. They must be able to negotiate and solve problems. They need computer skills and must be able to understand word processing, spreadsheet and database software. Nightclub owners must be able to budget properly and handle large amounts of money. They need interpersonal skills, as they will be meeting people from different backgrounds.


A nightclub owner must work in an environment that is extremely loud. She may also deal with rowdy customers who may be intoxicated. She may spend time on her feet walking around, ensuring there are no hazardous materials on the floor and checking to see if customers are enjoying themselves. The owner may be in an office setting within the club using the computer to check budgets and how much money the club is making each night. She also may spend time talking with individuals and networking to ensure customers return to the club each time it is open. She may work many hours based on the time the club is open, as well as hours when the club is closed to interview job candidates and prepare for the opening.


Nightclub owners do not need a college education, as it is a business they are establishing. However, a degree in business administration, hospitality or a finance-related industry will prepare them to handle customers, finances and business management.


A nightclub owner salary can vary based on the level and quality of marketing, the location and the competition from nearby clubs. According to Simply Hired, a club owner can make on average of $41,000 per year as of June 2010.


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