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How Does a Nightclub Owner Spend a Workday?

Obtaining Licenses

It may take some time for a nightclub owner to obtain the necessary licenses, but it must be done. The nightclub owner must apply for a liquor license, a federal ID number, an ATF permit, as well as any permits that are required by the state and local governments. These licenses, once obtained, must be renewed by the dates given. The owner must stay on top of which licenses and permits are up for renewal and take care of them.


A nightclub owner benefits when spending time checking out his competition. He can find out what customers like about each of their competitors and then implement all of those things into his own nightclub. He can research things like popular bands and forms of entertainment to popular brands of beer.

Hiring Entertainment

Nightclubs often have bands that play as well as comedians. It is the nightclub owners responsibility to make sure that entertainment doesn't stink. The only way to do this is to hold live auditions. This will take up some of the nightclub owner's time, but it will be well worth it in then end. If the entertainment is good, the customers will stick around a lot longer and continue to purchase more food and drinks.

Ordering Supplies

The main purchases the nightclub owner must keep up with are the alcoholic beverages. The owner must take inventory each week to make sure that there is enough alcohol for the next week. The owner must also check if there were any broken glasses that need replacing. If the nightclub also offers a small menu, then the food will also need to be checked and ordered. Running out of food or beverages would be disastrous for a nightclub.

Hiring and Managing Employees

It is important when having a successful nightclub, that the owner hires only bartenders that are licensed. Background checks should be performed on all employees to make sure they are of good character. The nightclub owner will also need to hire waitresses, and a cleaning crew. The cleaning crew must be reliable as nightclubs can get messy. The nightclub owner must review the employees from time to time to make sure they are getting their jobs done, showing up on time for work, and treating the customers well.


The nightclub owner will do more than just advertise his business. He will also need to promote the nightclub. Promotions can be done via radio announcements, MySpace mailings, and by wearing T-shirts with the nightclub information on it. Many times nightclub owners will have colleges hand out fliers to the students. Promotions can also center around the entertainment that is booked for that month. If the band or comedian is popular then their names alone are going to draw in customers.


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