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How to Start a Non-Alcoholic Nightclub

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A non-alcoholic nightclub can provide you with a niche market in your area, as you will attract young adults who are under the age of 21, those just interested in dancing and having a good time and can't get into other clubs. According to website Reference for Business, nightclubs make up one of the highest cash flow industries worldwide, as a successful nightclub can earn $5,000 to $35,000 per night. The main sources of revenue at a nightclub include the cover charge and drink sales. Traditional nightclubs receive a significant amount of profits from the sale of alcoholic drinks, so you will need to provide creative non-alcoholic beverages to maximize your revenue.

Pick a theme for your nightclub. When considering a theme, think about which would attract your target clients to your establishment the most. Themes for a nightclub can include hip-hop, rave, jazz club, go-go club, oxygen bar or a dance club theme.

Obtain business licenses from your state, city and county. If you sell non-alcoholic drinks and snack, you will need to get a license from your county health inspector. To learn about the specific licenses you will need, consult with the office of your secretary of state.

Secure funding. If you do not have the cash to cover the startup costs of owning a nightclub, you will need to seek the assistance of investors and financial institutions, such as banks or credit unions.

Find a location for your nightclub. A commercial real estate agent can help you find a building that can accommodate the number of patrons you plan to have every night that meets zoning requirements. Because you will have a non-alcoholic establishment, you may have more options regarding the location of your club. When choosing a location, consider your target customer and a city’s building codes. If you want to attract college students, starting a nightclub near a large college campus can attract students who do not have vehicles. However, if the college town has strict noise level regulations, you may need to purchase a noise permit or find a different location.

Secure entertainment. Because you are not serving alcoholic drinks, you will need to provide quality entertainment to attract and keep patrons. Entertainment options include hiring local bands and talent, putting together a house band or hiring a DJ. Other sources of entertainment to include in your nightclub can include lights that can create a variety of effects in your club, a good sound system and large monitors where you can display videos or images.

Hire employees with experience working in a nightclub setting. You will need to hire staff to mix and create new drinks for your non-alcoholic bar, servers and food preparers. It is also a good idea to have a maintenance team, as well as door attendants to keep teens from roaming and to check the IDs of those who want to enter your nightclub to make sure you and your young guests are not breaking curfew laws, which may vary by city. Security to keep behavior in check is also key when catering to a younger crowd.

Advertise your grand opening. Hand out fliers, hang posters, create radio announcements, purchase advertising space in newspapers and create television commercials to get the word out about your new club. Because you have a non-alcoholic nightclub, you will have a greater population of people who can legally be at your establishment. Therefore, using a variety of media sources to advertise your business can attract those who cannot visit traditional nightclubs.


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