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How to Be a Good Bellman

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A bellman, also known as a bellhop, is a type of hotel employee. Once hotel guests check in, the bellman usually carries the guests’ bags, shows them to their room and answers any questions that the guests might pose on the way to the room. Bellmen also help guests who are checking out to take their bags from the hotel room to their car or who are awaiting a taxi or other mode of transportation. At its core, a bellman’s job combines customer service and manual work; however, a typical elegant hotel atmosphere requires bellmen to demonstrate excellent manners on the job.

Stay in shape. Make sure you eat well and get plenty of exercise. Not only do you want to look good in your uniform, but, more importantly, you want to appear to effortlessly carry guests’ baggage, and certainly without straining or hurting yourself. Although you should use a luggage cart wherever feasible.

Look impeccable. Go above and beyond what is expected and look your best. Make sure your uniform is always neatly pressed, your shoes perfectly shined and your hair neat and in its place.

Know the hotel and its rooms inside and out. Learn all you can about the amenities and features so that you can knowledgeably respond when guests ask you about them. And they will.

Go out of your way to help guests. If a guest asks you how to use the DVD player in his room or get tickets to the big show in town, then show him. But if you don’t know how to help the guest with his request, then gracefully go get someone who can.

Smile, be pleasant and have a positive, professional attitude. Your job is to help guests have a pleasant stay; this includes assisting them with their baggage, of course, but this extends to treating guests in a warm, professional and respectful manner that will make them want to come back and stay at the hotel again and again.

Anticipate guests’ needs. Don’t wait for guests to struggle with the weight of their bags and then look around for a bellman. Offer to help any guest or potential guest you see arriving or departing with a bag.

Always heed the instructions of your bell captain (your boss) and be available when you are needed. He should know where you are and how to get in touch with you. Your bell captain will assign you tasks, as appropriate.


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