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Mall Concierge Duties

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A concierge works as an assistant to guests, helping them with small tasks and errands on and around the property. This frees the guests to enjoy their visit to the establishment. Traditionally, concierges work in hotels. However, the concept has become more popular, and concierges now work in resorts, country clubs, casinos and large shopping malls.

Transportation Assistance

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A concierge assists mall guests with transportation services. If the mall requires parking validation, she stamps or punches the ticket. The concierge will call and arrange a car service or taxi to take mall guests to other destinations. If guests need help finding a plane ticket, the concierge can also help them with this. Another service offered is providing public transportation schedules and helping guests find the correct bus stop or train station.

Reservations and Tickets

A mall concierge will help guests make reservations for dining at any of the malls restaurants. He may also have contacts to make reservations at other nearby places. If the mall has a theater or arena, the concierge will help guests order tickets, so they get the seating and show times they want.

Information and Directions

The concierge is knowledgeable about the mall in which she works. She can give directions to guests who are looking for a store or restaurant; she will also know how to get in touch with mall management or security if necessary. The concierge should have information on mall policies and procedures in the event that a guest has a question. Many malls have special events or exhibits; the concierge knows when and where these occur and shares this information with guests.

Additional Services

Depending on the mall, the concierge may provide other services. For example, at Plaza Frontenac in St. Louis, the concierge provides complimentary strollers and wheelchairs, allows the use of a mall phone, and provides a lost and found service. At 900 North Michigan Shops in Chicago, the concierge offers free shopping bags and sells mall gift cards.


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