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What Are the Duties of a Housekeeper in a Hotel?

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The duties of a hotel housekeeper are probably the most important duties that take place in a hotel on a daily basis. If the housekeeper has not done her job to expectations, the hotel could lose business. Hotel guests expect their rooms to be cleaned with the utmost accuracy and attention to detail. The cleanliness of a hotel is the key selling factor.

Starting the Workday

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At the beginning of each workday, a hotel housekeeper will refill her wheeled cart with fresh bath towels, hand towels, wash cloths, fitted sheets, flat sheets, pillow cases and any other linens required in each room. She will also refill her cleaning supplies as well as her stock of coffee and other amenities that are often left in guest rooms.

Stripping the Room

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The first part to cleaning a vacant hotel guest room is stripping the room, which consists of pulling all the blankets, linens and pillows off of all the beds in the room in which the housekeeper is currently working. She will also take all the used towels, wash cloths and other bathing linens out of the bathroom. She will then have to ensure that these used linens get to the laundry to be properly washed for reuse.


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Every hotel room has at least one garbage can in the room. The housekeeper will have to empty the garbage can(s) in the room and replace the can liners with fresh, unused liners. Before emptying the room trash, the housekeeper will generally clean up any garbage lying around the room, such as tissues, candy wrappers or other trash items the guest may have left in the room.

Making the Beds

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Each hotel will have a specific style and way to make the beds in the room. This style may be different between bed sizes. The housekeeper will make each bed in the room according to the style mandated by the hotel. A fresh set of bed sheets and pillowcases is used to make the bed for the next occupant.


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The guest room bathroom gets some much-deserved attention. After each guest checks out of the room, the housekeeper will thoroughly clean the toilet, sink, bathing area and floor of the bathroom with industrial cleaner. The guest bathroom is particularly important as this is the area often filled with germs. There should not be a single inch left untouched in the bathroom, including the walls.


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The room itself will receive a complete dusting from the furniture to the lamp shades. Each item--including lamps, TV, phone and alarm clock among others--is checked to be sure it is in proper working order. Amenities such as soap, shampoo and coffee are restocked throughout the room.

Finishing Touches

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After the housekeeper completes all of the above, she will then vacuum the room. Many hotels will use air freshener before informing the front desk staff that the room is clean and available for the next guest.