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Hotel Housekeeping Strategies

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A first-time hotel housekeeper or maid may feel a bit overwhelmed when they first walk into a dirty hotel room. Every housekeeper finds his own way of doing things once he is comfortable with his daily assignments. However, knowing the strategy of a long-time housekeeper is a significant help for those who are new to the work.

Stripping Rooms

Many hotels require you to strip all rooms before you begin to clean them. Others will have you strip the room and complete all tasks in that room at one time. Stripping the room consists of removing all dirty linens, including sheets, pillowcases, bath towels, bath mat, hand towels and wash cloths.

Check for Needed Items

When you are required to remove all linens from all of your assigned rooms before cleaning, you will find that you can save time by checking the refrigerator, microwave, coffee pot, safe, closets and garbage cans during the stripping process. This way you will already be aware of anything extra the room may need such as food left in the microwave or the need to replace condiments. If you are required to strip a room and then clean it, you could check these items in the same way but may find that you will save time by doing them as you go.

Ready to Clean

Now that the room is stripped, you are ready to begin cleaning. First you will want to get all linens and cleaning supplies from your cart and bring them into the room with you. Having everything in the room with you saves time walking in and out of the room to obtain new items. Start by thoroughly spraying the toilet, sink and bathtub or shower with bathroom cleaner for cleaning later.


Once your bathroom is sprayed down with cleaner, it is time to make the bed or beds. If the room has two beds, a crib or a rollaway bed, make all of them before moving on.


After the beds are made, do a run-through of the room, collecting any soda cans, food wrappers and other stray items that should be thrown out. Dispose of them in the room garbage can and move the garbage can toward the door. Spray down the surfaces to be dusted and proceed to dust them. As you dust the clothing dressers and nightstands, open the drawers to be sure there were no items left behind by the departing guests. Also as you are dusting the furniture in the room, check that the clock is plugged in, working and set to the correct time. Make sure that the phone is plugged in to the phone jack and there is not voicemail left on it that was intended for the previous guest. This is also a good time in your process to make sure that the mirrors in the room are dust-free and streak-free.

Replacing Items

Now that the room is dusted, replace any items that may have been used during the guests' stay. Check for items that your hotel offers, such as shampoo, soap, conditioner, coffee, condiments, coffee cups, coffee packs, laundry bags, water cups and ice buckets. Replace any of the items that are used or missing. Again, make use of the in-room garbage cans for used items, such as shampoo.

Refrigerator and Microwave

If the room is equipped with a refrigerator or microwave, clean both next. While cleaning these items, be sure they are plugged in and working properly.


Now that the rest of the room is clean and organized, it is time to clean the bathroom. If the tub and shower appear to be heavily soiled, you may want to give them another spray-down before beginning to clean. Starting with the bathing area of the bathroom, be sure to scrub and wipe down all walls, fixtures, knobs and the tub area thoroughly. The entire tub/shower should be clean, dry and hair free when you are done with the cleaning process. Next, use your spray, cleaning rag and toilet brush and scrub the toilet thoroughly. Again, be sure not to leave the toilet wet or with hair on or around it. Repeat the process around the sink and countertop.


Most hotels have tile bathroom floors. If your hotel offers mopping solution, use it to mop the floor from back to front so you do not leave footprints. If your hotel offers spray for you to mop the floor, spray the floor generously and mop the entire floor, again front to back. Get around the edges at the base of the toilet and behind it. Double check for hair or scuffs that may be on the floor. Vacuum the carpeted portion of the room at this time. Be sure to get around the edges of the bed and other furniture.

Final Tasks

Take the garbage bags and supply the garbage cans with fresh bags. Replace the cans in the proper locations in the room. Remove your supplies from the room. If your hotel offers an air freshener, use it as directed at this time. While freshening the room, give each area another look to be sure there is nothing left untouched.

Following this strategy will allow you to save time by always working while moving from one end of the room to the other end, completing all of the tasks you can along the way.


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