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Kitchen Helper Job Description

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If you work in a kitchen as a helper, there are a lot duties and tasks you will be required to perform. The working conditions may not be very favorable because the temperatures can be hot and you may have to lift heavy equipment at times. Kitchen helpers must make sure the kitchen area is well kept and maintained. They also have to work in conjunction with the food service staff.


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Kitchen helpers may be called upon to keep the floor area clean by mopping and sweeping when the need arises. When you work in a kitchen, the floor area gets dirty fast and needs to stay clean because it can become a safety hazard. Someone can easily slip and fall. A kitchen helper may be required to tend to the floor area periodically during his shift and when the work day has ended.


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All areas of the kitchen need to be kept clean and sanitized. A kitchen helper will wash the refrigerators, tables, utensils, cabinets and other items used in the kitchen for food preparation. A kitchen helper may be required to wash dishes and silverware while assisting the kitchen staff. They may also be required to wash pots, pans and other equipment.


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Kitchen helpers will be required to take the trash out to the Dumpster on a regular basis throughout the day. Garbage bags need to be replaced after the garbage has been taken out. After the day has ended, the kitchen helper may be called upon to wash the garbage cans, in and out, which ensures they are properly cleaned and odor-free.

Food Preparation

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Kitchen helpers will help the cooks prepare meals. A kitchen helper will make sure all food is thoroughly washed prior to preparation. Other duties include cutting up potatoes, vegetables and fruits for the cooks. Some kitchen helpers are required to prepare meat for cooking by cutting off unnecessary fat and other useless portions.

Dock Work

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A kitchen helper is responsible for helping the staff unload shipments of food and other supplies to be used in the kitchen. Some of the items can be heavy. A kitchen helper may have to wash down the dock after items have been unloaded.


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Kitchen helpers are required to keep the kitchen in an orderly manner. They will have to put pots, pans and dishes in neat piles or stacks, which helps ensure they are available for the food service staff as well as the cooks. All kitchen equipment, utensils and other items should be put in a place where they can be easily retrieved by kitchen personnel.


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