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What Type of Wardrobe Does a Pastry Chef Wear?

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A pastry chef is in charge of providing a restaurant with desserts and keeping bakery counters full of cookies, cakes and desserts. Many times, the pastry chef can be found working the overnight shift preparing desserts for the following day’s business. The pastry chef should always look professional and wear a uniform that's similar to the rest of the cooking staff.


The pastry chef wears a jacket, or coat, similar to one worn by the chef. Most jackets are double-breasted and -layered to help protect the chef from the heat of the kitchen. The jacket will get dirty during the course of the day, so some are made reversible and can be turned inside out to hide any spills. Most chef jackets come in white or black, but they come in other colors if needed to match a restaurant's uniform color scheme.


Comfortable pants are an important part of the pastry chef's uniform. The pastry chef needs to be able to move around without restrictions when decorating and creating desserts. Her pants should be made with an elastic waistband with a drawstring and have side and back pockets. Pastry chef pants generally come in white, black or black-and-white-striped, but can come in other colors if desired.


A pastry chef may wear an apron to help reduce the amount of food spilled on his jacket. This helps keep his jacket clean for when he has to greet customers and clients. Aprons can come in white or black or in other colors with the restaurant’s logo on it.

Hat and Shoes

Pastry chef hats are used to help keep the hair out of the face and restrict it from falling into the food. Hats styles can include traditional chef hats, a baker’s hat, beret or ball cap. Since pastry chefs are on their feet for extended periods of time, wearing comfortable, nonslip shoes are a necessity.


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