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Objectives to Put on a Maintenance Job Resume

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Maintenance workers are the glue that holds any company together since they keep plumbing, electrical and mechanical devices working properly. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics, general maintenance workers are employed in almost every industry. Before you start sending off resumes for this position, create a short one-sentence objective that will get you noticed. Resume objectives will show that you're looking for a maintenance position and how hiring you will benefit their company.

Entry-Level Maintenance Positions

There is no standard education required across the maintenance field, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. As you look for entry-level maintenance positions, mention anything in your objective that might show that you have what it takes. This could be repair experience at an unrelated position or aptitude in technical or mechanical classes. Example: "A maintenance career that will utilize my experience in electrical outlet repair for a major retailer."

Demonstrate Years of Experience

When you have years of experience as a maintenance worker, your objective should reflect this. List how many years you've been in the field and if you have any certifications. Though licensing requirements differ by state and locality, list here if you have an license for a specific type of maintenance. Remember to keep the objective to one sentence. Example: "A position as a maintenance worker for a company that values 5 years experience and a Certified Maintenance Technician certification with the International Maintenance Institute."

Mention Areas of Expertise

Maintenance careers consist of broad tasks over a wide range of disciplines. In one day, a maintenance worker may unclog a drain, repair a light bulb socket or tweak the machinery in an escalator system. If you have any specialties or areas of expertise, the objectives are a good place to summarize this on a resume. Example: "A maintenance position with a high school that values specialized experience in repairing Trane HVAC systems."

Job-Specific Objectives

As you search for maintenance jobs to apply for, tailor your resume to fit the exact job or company. Look through the job posting and pick skills they request that you know you can perform. If you don't have a job posting but are targeting a specific company, mention the name of the business in the objectives. Example: "A maintenance position at Packard Bell where attention to detail and time management skills are valued to complete repairs and maintenance."

General Objectives

You won't always know where you're sending your resume or what a company is specifically looking for from new hires. In this case, create a general resume objective that can work for any maintenance position. Keep it short and concise. Example: "A maintenance job with a products manufacturing company."