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Resume Objectives for a Veterinary Technician

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Whether you're an aspiring veterinarian or an animal lover wanting to work with animals, a job as a veterinary technician can be very rewarding. Your duties will typically include providing first aid for sick animals, preparing them for tests and helping give whatever treatments the veterinarian prescribes. Because your resume can be critical in landing a job, its objectives must show you have precisely the attributes necessary for the particular vet tech position.

Specific Training and Skills

Highlight your training, skills and experience as they relate to the specific job -- whether in a small animal clinic, an animal shelter or a large animal practice, for example. Begin your objective with a statement such as: "Objective: To apply my training as a certified veterinary tech with experience in emergency medical care for cats and dogs."

Clinic Specifics

A resume objective will be most effective if you can state something specific about the particular clinic to which you are applying. For example, if the clinic specializes in farm animals, your resume objective ideally should address that: "To work closely with and assist with the care of pets who need medical attention, especially large animals, which Farr's Animal Hospital specializes in."

Professional Attributes

Adding an additional statement that stresses your professional credentials can set your resume objective apart. Also comment briefly on your love of animals and your dependability as a employee: "I am a dedicated animal lover with an associate's degree in animal science and a dependable worker. I have five years of experience preparing animals for surgery and assisting during operations at an animal hospital."

Veterinary Technologists and Technicians salary

  • Top 10% Annual Salary: More than $52,410 ($25.20/hour)
  • Median Annual Salary: $36,260 ($17.43/hour)
  • Bottom 10% Annual Salary: Less than $25,520 ($12.27/hour)

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