How to List Multiple Jobs Within a Single Company on a Resume

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If you’ve held several jobs within an organization you might be wondering how to organize your resume. Listing multiple jobs within a single company will be slightly different then a traditional resume because it needs to highlight achievements within that organization. Formatting your resume so hiring managers can quickly understand your achievements is important.

List the company information. The first line should include the company name, city and dates you worked with the company. For example, if you held three different positions between January of 1999 and 2009, list your employment dates as “January 1999-January 2009.”

Detail positions held with the company. Under the company header information, include the titles of all positions held with the company. The positions should be listed in chronological order, with the most recent position listed first. Next to each title, include the dates the position was held. For example, you might say “Marketing Specialist, March 2000-May 2003.”

Add job responsibilities under each title. Each responsibility section should be a short paragraph that details your experience. If a promotion was given to the new position, add a sentence about that achievement. You might say that after increasing sales 40 percent in your territory, you were given a specialist role in the company.

Focus on concrete accomplishments when listing position descriptions. Stay away from phrases such as “responsible for writing marketing plans.” Instead, you should say “wrote marketing plans that supported a sales increase of 25 percent over three months.” Descriptions should be direct and avoid overly general statements.


Check out examples before drafting your resume. Career websites, such as, provide access to samples.


Don’t forget to get help proofreading. Even if you’ve reviewed your resume dozens of times, it’s still possible to miss errors. Asking a friend or coworker to proofread the resume could save you from embarrassing spelling or grammar errors.