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How to Write Internal Resumes

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If you desire to advance within the company you have been working for instead of remaining stagnant in one position, you should keep an eye open for internal job openings. The internal postings are job positions that the employer is seeking to fill by hiring someone who is already working within the company. The internal postings will generally require an application process that also includes submitting a resume. The "Internal Resume" is different from an "External Resume" in that it focuses on your career journey within the company instead of a lifetime career journey.

Check the internal job posting to verify what special skills and qualifications are being required for the position. By doing so, you can tailor your internal resume by using keywords that are listed in the job posting.

List an "Objective" that details the position you are seeking. Word the objective so it indicates that you do have something to offer the company instead of wording it in a way that only focuses on yourself. For example, instead of saying, "To advance my career within The ABC Corporation from Team Lead to Manager," you can say "To use my management skills as an asset to The ABC Corporation."

List any "Qualifications" or "Special Skills" that you have that are relevant to the internal position you are applying for. For example, if you are a team leader who has demonstrated great quality assurance skills, you can list "Team Leading" and "Quality Assurance." Incorporate as many keywords from Step 1 as possible.

List your "Career History" within the company. The career history should be listed as a "Timeline" that reflects the various positions you have been promoted to or held within the company, along with the dates you held those positions.

List your "Career Highlights" that you have experienced while with the company along with dates. For example, "2010 Employee of The Year," "Top Attendance Award" and "Best Quality Assurance, April 2012."

List "References" within the organization who can verify your job capabilities. This can be current or past supervisors in the company or even coworkers who have witnessed your great work ethics and professionalism.


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