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How to Write a Summary of Qualifications for a Resume

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On any given day, thousands of job seekers submit resumes to companies in the hopes of obtaining an interview and, ultimately, employment. Make your resume stand out from the crowd by including a "Summary of Qualifications" section. This differs from a traditional "Career Objectives" section because instead of just stating your career goals, you are stating how you are qualified, why you fulfill the job's specific requirements and what makes you a better candidate than others.

How to Format

Position this section on your resume under your name and contact information so potential employers read it first. Use bullet points instead of a long paragraph to make the section more eye-catching and easy to read. Label the section "Summary of Qualifications" with five or six bullet points underneath consisting of one sentence each.

What Information to Include

Think of this section as a brief pitch to an employer of why it should hire you over someone else. Include relevant work experience, skills and awards that will set you apart from other job seekers. For example, you might note experience such as international job travel, 10+ years in upper management, proficiency in public speaking or fluency in multiple languages. List awards and recognition such as "top salesperson four out of the last five quarters" to show that you have excelled in past jobs. Avoid listing menial tasks or skills that are common to most workers, such as basic Internet skills.


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