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How to State Multitasking on Resume

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Simply stating “multitasking” on a resume offers the reader little information about your strengths as an employee. Creating a skills resume, which focuses primarily on your strongest skills, allows you to offer hiring companies a detailed explanation of when and where you demonstrated the skills you claim to have. In doing so, you can transform a general statement like “multitasking ability” into a vivid fact-based statement explaining why you are the best candidate for a position.

Type your full name at the top-center of your resume. Type your address, phone number and email address underneath your name. .

Create a professional objective at the top of your resume two spaces underneath your name and contact information. For example, you may write, “A career in personnel management which would involve multitasking, computer programming and training.”

Include an educational background section. Include schools attended, years of attendance, any degrees earned and honors and awards received. Provide completion dates for degrees and certificates.

Write the skills section. Limit your entries to skills most relevant to your career objective. As a general rule of thumb, include three to four of your strongest skills. Start with multitasking.

Type “Multitasking” at the top of your skills section. Doing so indicates that it is one of your strongest skills. Select examples from your work experience that demonstrate how and when you have successfully applied these skills, according to St. Cloud State University. “Responsible for operating multiple computer processing systems, answering the phone and greeting customers at the front desk of a busy computer programming office,” is an example.

List examples of each skill in order from most to least important using bullet points format. Each bullet point example should have its own line.

Include a work experience section naming your job title, the employer and dates of employment for each entry.

Add an activities section if applicable and relevant to the job to further highlight your skills.


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