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How Would I List Being Good at Deadlines in a Resume?

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When an employer wants someone who can successfully meet deadlines, he's probably looking for an individual with a strong work ethic and excellent time-management skills. Depending on how crucial this skill is to the job, you can present it front-and-center in a skills-based resume, or add it to the description of a specific job using a more traditional resume format. In either case, you can also include more detailed information about deadlines in your cover letter.

The Skills-Based Approach

If meeting deadlines is important to the employer, highlight it explicitly by creating a skills-based resume. This type of resume differs from the more traditional format, using a section highlighting your strongest skills instead of a more detailed work experience section. To emphasize your ability to meet deadlines, create a section titled "Skills" or "Relevant Experience" just under the contact information, and then create a subheading titled "Time Management," "Commitment to the Job," or "Teamwork Skills," for example. Under that, create bullet points that highlight that skill, including phrases such as "Consistently meeting newspaper article deadlines" or "Successfully meeting sales targets," for example. Also add any other phrases that speak to your time-management skills or work ethic.

The More Traditional Approach

If you use the traditional resume format with a "Work Experience" section positioned just under your contact information, include information about your ability to meet deadlines in the brief description of the job. Typically, that information consists of one or two sentences, but some people instead choose to add a few bullet points describing their duties, after they've named the employer, job title and dates of employment. In sentence form, say something like, "Wrote three to five articles per week while consistently meeting submission deadlines," or something else that describes the job and highlights the deadlines. With bullet points, add a bullet that says something like, "Met business deadlines daily while working in a high-pressure environment."


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