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How to List Typing as a Skill on a Resume

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If you're going to include typing as a skill on your resume, it needs to be a skill that's especially important to the employer. In 2013, 83.8 percent of U.S. heads of households reported having a computer in the home, according to the U.S. Census, meaning a majority of people use computers -- which require typing -- on a regular basis. In the modern age, then, simply stating that you can type is similar to mentioning that can read or write.

How and When to Include It

In U.S. News & World Report, careers expert Jada A. Graves suggests leaving typing off your resume all together, because it's a skill that's taken for granted. Still, you might find the rare occasion to mention it. If the job posting mentions specifically that you'll need to type a certain number of words per minute, or if the employer mentions "excellent typing skills," it's relevant enough to warrant a mention.

Add the skill to either the "Skills" section, or to the "Work Experience" section. Include it among that bullet-point list of your most relevant skills near the top of your resume, or simply include it as part of the description of past jobs you've held. Wherever you include it, include the number of words you can type per minute, and also show the employer why that's beneficial to her, suggests Maryland-based Calvert Memorial Hospital's Careers department. Mention that your typing speed will help you get more work done faster, for example.


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